About Nepal Online Patrika

nepal online patrika

Nepal Online Patrika is a media platform dedicated to promoting personal freedom, national sovereignty, and independence. We are proudly independent and not tied to any political parties. We believe that true democracy, accountable government, active opposition, engaged citizens, and an independent judiciary are key to responsible and free communication. We understand that democracy and free speech go hand-in-hand.

We commit to delivering news objectively and providing a space for diverse ideas. Here, we do not tolerate censorship or ideological intolerance. Our goal is to make information accessible and engaging for everyone.

Nepal Online Patrika is registered under Yushan Media Pvt Ltd, which aims to defend and preserve the free press, liberal values, and democratic norms, and protect people’s rights.

Nepal Online Patrika is Nepal’s trusted digital news outlet, reporting and broadcasting the truth as it is while adhering to all decencies and avoiding partnering with any special interest.