About Us

Nepal Online Patrika is an English-language-based news portal. It is run by Yushan Media Pvt. Ltd. in Boudha Ward No. 06 of Kathmandu District.

The Main Coverage areas are politics, entertainment, social, economy, sports, science, and technology. Our main target is to promote digital journalism and inform online viewers about the developed incident in a rapid manner.

Now we are in the learning phase so we need your innovative ideas. We always welcome your creative comments and suggestions.

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Yushan Media Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 06, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: [email protected]

Nepal Online Patrika (Nepal News – Digital ePaper) is Nepal’s trusted digital news media that always presents current and real news and disseminates the truth as it is by observing all decencies by refraining from allying with any special interest.

It carries political, business, national, social, sports, health, technology, lifestyle, and entertainment news besides exclusive interviews, opinions, features, etc.

Nepal Online Patrika aims to defend and preserve the free press, liberal values, and democratic norms, and to protect people’s rights.

Nepal Online Patrika, which is currently one of the most popular and most-visited digital media platforms, believes in corporate transparency and has laid down the ethical foundation for all the existing digital media groups in Nepal and the next generation.

Our Team
Chairman & Managing Director: Sudarshan Gautam
Manager: Yurika Rajbhandari
Editor-in-Chief: Prabhu Ram Pudasaini
Journalist: Sabina Gautam

Our team is entirely professional and dedicated to their work. We are proud to have a strong team member from the district of Nepal who directly or indirectly helps us to investigate and provide crystal clear news for our newsreaders. We believe in democracy and truth.

Our Objective

Nepal Online Patrika’s objective is to present crystal clear news and disseminate the truth as it is by observing all decencies by refraining from allying with any special interest.

At Nepal Online Patrika, we report with responsiveness and take a ‘people-first approach. We cover news and articles with authenticity regardless of all odds. We would be more than delighted to receive your comments, views, and ideas. Help us to improve ourselves.