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Indication that there is no port on iPhone 13


With the news that Apple will unveil its new iPhone 13 series, there are various rumors circulating in the market about its features. The company is also rumored to be making a portless phone by removing the lightning connection in this phone.

Recently, more detailed information has been received from Apple Sophie. Apple’s hardware and software engineers are looking for ways to recover the iPhone 13 on the Internet. In which it is said to use WiFi or Bluetooth instead of any physical cable to reset an iPhone 13.

iphone 13
iphone 13

By now, if the iPhone device is turned on and its software is corrupt, you will need to connect it to a Mac or PC. However, this type of physical connection will not be required with the advent of the new system.

Instead, the iPhone broadcasts a kind of help signal from Bluetooth or WiFi. Apple Sophie reports that enabling computer connections.

This way the iPhone can go through the recovery process itself. Apple is still searching for this idea. Because Bluetooth is never considered a safe method by engineers. Anyone with access to Bluetooth can reset your phone without permission.

Apple has not yet reached a decision on this. But that seems to be a good reason why Apple has removed the Lightning port.





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