Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thursday, February 25, 2021 9:10:49 AM

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Nepal Online Patrika Business Green Life's IPO distribution, who got how much?

Green Life’s IPO distribution, who got how much?



Kathmandu. The IPO of Greenlife Hydropower Limited has been allotted on Friday (today). Of which, 325,165 general investors have acquired shares at the rate of 10 lots through round robin.

The remaining 2 lots of shares have been added at the rate of 1-1 lots to 2 out of 20 applicants. A total of 1,322,971 applications were received and 3,912 applications were rejected.


According to BOK Capital, sales manager, 1.319 million eligible applicants have been selected for the round. Out of the total 34,96,400 shares, Greenlife had sold 69,928 shares to the company’s employees and 1,74,820 shares to the collective investment fund and sold the remaining shares to the public.

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Greenlife has distributed 3,251,652 IPO lots sold to the public from January 8 to 9.


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