Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thursday, February 25, 2021 9:00:21 AM

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Nepal Online Patrika Business Jyoti Life is selling 6.6 million ordinary shares

Jyoti Life is selling 6.6 million ordinary shares



Kathmandu. The trend of selling ordinary shares one after another is increasing. Ordinary shares of Green Life Hydro Power were distributed only on Friday.

jyoti life ipo
jyoti life ipo

Another company has received approval for the sale of ordinary shares (IPO) while the ordinary shares of the women’s microfinance financial institution are also being distributed. Nepal Securities Board (NSB) has given permission to Jyoti Life Insurance Company to sell ordinary shares. The company has been allowed to sell 6.6 million ordinary shares worth Rs 660 million.

The company is going to sell ordinary shares equal to 30 percent of the total capital. NMB Capital manages the sale of the company’s shares. The sales manager is preparing to publish the public details in a few days.

In recent days, the attraction of investing in ordinary shares has increased. As per the latest details, a total of 2.83 million beneficiaries have opened accounts. The number of people using KNEPS ‘TMS service for online transactions alone has reached 350,000. Infrastructure Bank, Chandragiri Hills Limited, which has sold ordinary shares in recent days, has entered the stock market due to a reinsurance company.


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