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Nepal Online Patrika is a Nepali language-based news portal. It is run by Melamchi Super Trade Pvt. Ltd which is situated in Gokarneshower Ward No. 06 of Kathmandu District. A famous web analytics toolkit” Alexa” had ranked us at 1000 ten in Nepal among the Nepali news portals.

The Main Coverage areas are politics, entertainment, social, economy, sports, science, and technology. Our main target is to promote digital journalism and inform online viewers about the developed incident in a rapid manner.

Now we are in the learning phase so we need your innovative ideas. We always welcome your creative comments and suggestions.

For queries, comments and suggestions follow us at the following address :

Melamchi Super Trade Pvt. Ltd.
Gokarneshower Ward No.6, Gokarneshower, Kathmandu Nepal

Head Office Charkhar Road, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal