Correction Policy

Our journalists and employees will notify their seniors or editors as they notice any errors in their work. They make an immediate effort to contact the supervisor or a senior before a correction is moved.

A staffer or a journalist immediately reports to his senior when he/she goes wrong.

While correcting, we make sure to point out the error and fix it in the editor’s note. A correction will be termed a correction in the editor’s note. We do not prefer using euphemisms when correcting a factual error.

Significant facts will be corrected with appropriate prominence.

When any news material is found with a factual error, or some misleading or having serious omissions, a clarification or a correction will be published in the same news by clearly marking or in such a way that it is clearly understood by the readers citing the previous news report.

We also publish a correction note at the bottom of the article explaining the change. For typos, grammar, numerical, or minor factual corrections, just update the post. We do not change the entire article.

The process

Reporters, sub-editors, and even desk editors will promptly report corrections to the editors.

The editor then will correct it.

At Nepal Online Patrika, credibility and reputation are of paramount concern as our objective is to be fair and accurate. Nepal Online Patrika will implement the policy with the utmost sincerity.