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Nepal Online Patrika Entertainment Swimming Pool Romance samragyee rl shah

Swimming Pool Romance samragyee rl shah



Actor Puspa Khadka and actress Samragyee RL Shah shared the screen for the first time in the film ‘Maruni’. Although the film did not show its magic at the box office, the audience loved their pair. The couple is once again being seen on the big screen. They have worked together in the recently completed film ‘Timro Mero Saath’.

samragyee and puspa
samragyee and puspa

During the month-long filming period, the production team did not release any scenes from the film. But, on Friday, Samragyee shared romantic photos with the Puspa taken on the set of the film through her Facebook and Instagram. In which they are seen giving a scene for the film in the swimming pool built on the roof of a hotel in Pokhara.

samragyee and puspa
samragyee and puspa

Puspa is topless in Pictures. It can be inferred from the picture that Samragyee and Puspa felt very cold while giving a scene in the swimming pool as the film was shot in the winter of January. In the background of the picture can be seen a mountain shining like silver. The empress has made public the picture with the flower and mentioned that people who enjoy their work can do anything.

samragyee and puspa
samragyee and puspa
samragyee and puspa

The film is directed by Ramesh MK Poudel. The film also stars Saroj Khanal, Emily Lama, Khageshwor Pun Magar (Khabpu) and is produced by Pasang Lama and co-produced by Niru Bhandari, Suman Poudel and Sudhir Parajuli. ‘Timro Mero Saath’ has Shiva Dhakal as cinematographer, Savir Shrestha as writer, Ramji Lamichhane as choreographer and Yogesh Kazi as music.


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