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Nepal Online Patrika Nepal Confusion about new and old curriculum in class 11

Confusion about new and old curriculum in class 11



Kathmandu. The demand of the Revolutionary Students’ Union to remove the confusion about the new and old curriculum in class 11.

Nepal Krantikari Vidyarthi Sangha has demanded the government to take a definite decision without prolonging the situation, saying that the teachers, students, and other concerned parties are confused due to the confusion of new and old curriculum in class 11.

In a statement, the association’s president Sabin Khyaju said that millions of students studying in class 11 across the country are in a dilemma. He said that a case was filed in the Supreme Court on September 12 demanding non-implementation of the new curriculum in the case of the new curriculum being implemented by the government of Nepal from September 20, 2077 BS.

He said in a statement, “The Supreme Court has issued an interim order not to implement the new syllabus on November 8, and no final decision has been taken on the application for November 26, November 4 and 24. There is a situation. ‘

The association has demanded the government to conduct necessary monitoring in all educational institutions, saying that health vigilance has not been maintained in all parts of the country due to lack of necessary infrastructure even though the government has issued instructions to conduct classes in compliance with health standards across the country.

“It is a pity that this government under a socialist-oriented constitution cannot provide free health care. The government’s decision not to provide free treatment for Kovid-19 disease has made it clear that this government is a capitalist government, ‘the statement said. It has also agreed with the government to provide free health care.

press release on class 11
press release on class 11


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