Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday, January 17, 2021
Nepal Online Patrika Nepal Congress in the act of movement with elections in mind!

Congress in the act of movement with elections in mind!




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Kathmandu. The split in the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has also affected the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress. With the dissolution of the parliament by the president a year ago on the recommendation of the government, two streams have developed within the Congress.

There is no doubt in the Congress that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has done unconstitutional work by dissolving the parliament. However, with the election being declared in two phases on Baishak 17 and 27, the opinion that the Congress should not be involved in the movement is getting stronger.


Congress central member Chandra Bhandari said that the system of governance in Nepal is based on the principle of check and balance between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

“Oli has dissolved the parliament in an unconstitutional manner,” Bhandari told Lokantar. “We have to be patient to wait for the government’s decision after it enters the judiciary.” If there is dissatisfaction with the decision of the judiciary, the people have to go. The people are the biggest judiciary in a democracy.

The latest situation was discussed at the meeting of the Central Committee of the Nepali Congress held on Wednesday. Senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel and president Sher Bahadur Deuba had a debate on whether to join the movement or prepare for the election.

Deuba seems to be in the mood to remain silent until the court rules, while Poudel is seen to be in favor of leading the street movement.

However, the Central Committee meeting held on Friday decided in favor of the movement. The meeting had decided to hold demonstrations against the dissolution of the parliament in all 165 constituencies on Monday.

After a snowstorm with Oli, Deuba is in a moral crisis

Deuba came to the conclusion that a nationwide demonstration should be held on paush 13 after loud voices were raised in the Central Committee meeting that the front of the movement should be taken up. Within the Nepali Congress, there has been talk of a heated exchange between President Deuba and Prime Minister Oli.

“After both the prime minister and the president have committed unconstitutional acts, the Congress should have joined the unconditional movement,” a central member of Poudel’s party told Lokantar. After the growing rift with Oli, he has started to consider himself not the opposition but the ruling party! ‘

He said that Congress should adopt a strategy of road capture as political parties would rise above the movement. “Congress is the largest democratic party in Nepal, the framer and protector of the constitution,” he said. “Who will speak if Congress does not speak when the constitution is being violated?”

Oli has already selected people close to Deuba for the appointment of officials of some constitutional bodies. Therefore, Deuba is facing a moral crisis to take to the streets against Oli and the pressure to lead the movement has also come from within the party.

Deuba’s recommendation to dissolve the parliament, from which the whole country suffered!

No one but Deuba can give the correct answer to the question of how far the country will go after the dissolution of the parliament.

On the night of 8 Jestha 2059, the then Prime Minister Deuba had recommended the dissolution of the House of Representatives to the then King Gyanendra Shah.

The reason was the same, internal strife within the party.

Oli has also been pointing out the party’s internal squabbles as a factor in the dissolution of the current parliament.

After Deuba dissolved the parliament with the conclusion that the other side of the party could be defeated, the king took direct rule into his own hands.

In addition to overthrowing the elected government, Gyanendra also abducted the fundamental rights of the people, and the country had to resort to the people’s movement to overcome them.

In the Congress circles, Deuba’s character and Oli’s current character are the same, so Deuba may have remained silent. Though the Congress leaders could not open their mouths, they are talking about it from within.

Priority movement or election preparation?

According to Congress central member Navindra Raj Joshi, who is also a former minister, it is clear that Prime Minister Oli has recommended the dissolution of the parliament with a proposal to hold elections in the next four months to create discord within the party.

The Congress leaders are sure that the scheduled date (Falgun 7, 8, and 9) will not be reached, but the date has not been changed. Senior leader Poudel has already accused Deuba of extending his tenure by showing the state of emergency.

After the announcement of the date of the general election in April, the antagonism already seen within the Congress has intensified.

If the big democratic party goes to the movement without preparing for the election, it will send a message of fear to the people and if it prepares for the election, it will send a message of legitimacy to the unconstitutional steps taken by Oli.

Central member Joshi says, “We have to take the lead of unconditional movement against Oli’s move.” If there is to be an election, you have to go to the polls. But the priority now is the movement. ‘

Congress has called a meeting of the Central Committee for the 19th of this month. Movement or election preparation? According to Chief Secretary Krishna Poudel, further discussions will be held in the Central Committee on Paush 19.

“Congress has already decided to join the movement,” Poudel told Lokantar. This will be discussed at the Central Committee meeting to be held on December 5.

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