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Nepal Online Patrika Nepal Sanskrit education will be made technology friendly

Sanskrit education will be made technology friendly



Kathmandu. Nepal Sanskrit University has put forward an action plan to make Sanskrit education technology-friendly. For this, in the first phase, a plan has been put forward to take Prakashastri and Sanskrit language training online.

Sanskrit education is being conducted through research, translation, writing of textbooks, editing of texts, the publication of almanacs, the teaching of Shastri (undergraduate) level for foreign students.


The university council has also passed a proposal to conduct regular activities such as training and research for the preservation of yoga and naturopathy and traditional practices.

The 73rd University Assembly was held in Kathmandu on November 12 last year. Registrar of the university Madhav Adhikari informed that the study and teaching of yoga and lifestyle management will start from this year.

He will set up a separate faculty of law to promote teaching and learning, create a B-pharmacy course under the Institute of Ayurveda Studies, conduct an ‘International Sanskrit Conference’ in Nepal in 2024, study Ayurveda and study naturopathy in the near future.

He requested the government to manage the budget for the construction of a 200-bed integrated teaching hospital for the practice teaching of students.

According to Registrar Adhikari, a proposal has been passed to move ahead with the construction of the Vedic Agriculture Research Center as per the concept of a land bank owned by Nepal Sanskrit University in Deukhuri.

The tender for the construction of a botanical garden at a cost of Rs 110 million on 18 bighas of land in the southern part of the Dang University building will be opened this year.


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