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Stock Market Rises, Significant Decline in Finance

Business NewsStock Market Rises, Significant Decline in Finance
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Kathmandu | On Tuesday, the NEPSE index reached 2071 points, an increase of 5.6 points compared to the previous day. However, alongside the rise in NEPSE, the trading volume decreased. Compared to the previous day’s trading amount of 5.07 billion rupees, today’s trading amount was limited to 4.18 billion rupees.

While the prices of 151 companies increased, the prices of 88 companies decreased, and the prices of 8 companies remained stable. The finance sector index, which had shown a high rate of increase until the previous day, fell by 2.15% (54 points) today. Similarly, the banking sector decreased by 5 points, non-life insurance by 23 points, others by 0.2 points, and the trading sector by 5 points.

In contrast, the microfinance sector increased by 15 points, the manufacturing sector by 25 points, the life insurance sector by 55 points, the hydropower sector by 30 points, the hotel and tourism sector by 58 points, and the development bank sector by 13 points.

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The price of Makar Jitumaya Hydropower increased by 10%. Similarly, the price of Nyadi Hydropower increased by 8.6%, Upper Solu by 7.5%, Chirkuwa Hydropower, Sickle Hydropower, and Hathaway Investment Company by 6.6%, and Bhugol Energy by 6.4%.

The price of Sadhana Laghubitta decreased by 10%, Goodwill Finance by 3.7%, Janaki Finance by 3.6%, and Shivashree Hydro by 3.5%. Based on the trading volume, RSDC, NRN Infrastructure, Nepal Finance, Pokhara Finance, and Hathaway Investment Company were at the forefront.

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