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The NEPSE fell 20.76 points to 2005.83 at the weekly close

Business NewsThe NEPSE fell 20.76 points to 2005.83 at the weekly close
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) concluded the week with a notable decline of 20.76 points, settling at 2005.83 points on the final trading day.

Market dynamics showcased a mixed trend, with 49 companies witnessing an uptick in share prices, while 197 others experienced losses. Share values for two companies remained unchanged.

The day saw robust market activity, with transactions totaling NPR 3.02 billion, driven primarily by the sale of 95 lakh shares.

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Investors remained pivotal in driving market momentum, contributing significantly to earnings. Notably, investors enjoyed a substantial increase of Rs 197.80 per share, marking a 10 percent rise in share values.

Among the top performers, investors in Joshi Hydro experienced a commendable surge of 9.87 percent in the company’s shares.

However, some investors encountered losses of up to 7.60 percent during the trading session.

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Himalayan Ri emerged as the leader in turnover, with a remarkable 148.7 million shares exchanged.

Market activity remained vibrant, characterized by an impressive 77,833 instances of buying and selling throughout the day.

The fluctuations and activities observed within the NEPSE continue to shape the financial landscape, influencing investors and stakeholders across the market.

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