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The ‘sector rotation’ in the stock market, this week saw an attraction in hotels

Business NewsThe 'sector rotation' in the stock market, this week saw an attraction in hotels
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kathmandu | The share market closed at 1966 points today, down from 1998 points last week, marking a 1.6% decrease of 32 points.

Last week, the Nepse index saw a 33-point increase. Over the past five days, market fluctuations have been minimal. Opening five days ago, the market experienced a drop of 24.58 points on Sunday, followed by a further decrease of 15.62 points on Monday. Tuesday saw a 2-point increase, while Wednesday had a slight decrease of 0.21 points, and Thursday saw an increase of 5.63 points.

Despite the decrease in the Nepse index, trading volume has not significantly increased. Trading volumes were 3.79 billion on Sunday, 2.89 billion on Monday, 2.14 billion on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 3.12 billion on Thursday.

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Listed companies have begun publishing their third quarterly financial reports for the month of Baisakh, reflecting fluctuations in company values.

Financial reports of banks, development banks, and financial companies have been made public, while microfinance, hydro power, insurance, hotel, manufacturing, and other companies will release their reports by the end of Baisakh, with some already published.

There has been a pattern of ‘sector rotation’ in the market recently, where the index of one group increases one day and another group increases the next day. Notably, last week saw significant increases in the Development Bank, Finance, and Microfinance groups, with gains of 6.8%, 6.52%, and 6.37%, respectively. The Hotel and Tourism group also saw a notable increase of 4.4%, particularly driven by expectations of positive financial reports and growth in the tourism sector.

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Investor interest in the Hotel and Tourism group has been spurred by expectations of improved financial performance, with increased tourism activity anticipated to boost earnings for hotel companies. Among the six companies listed in this group, Taragaun Regency and Soaltee Hotel have already released their third quarterly financial reports, showing significant profit increases.

These positive reports have contributed to the overall increase in the Hotel and Tourism group within the market. Notably, the companies showing significant price increases are predominantly within the Microfinance group.

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