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These 5 ministries cannot spend even 5 percent on development in 6 months

Business NewsThese 5 ministries cannot spend even 5 percent on development in 6 months
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | In the period of 6 months (half-yearly) of the current financial year, 5 ministries out of 22 ministries have not been able to cut even 5 percent of the development expenditure (capital expenditure). 

According to the Ministry of Finance, there are 5 ministries that are not able to spend even 5 percent of their capital expenditure during the half-year period, but their current expenditure is significant. 

In which the Ministry of Finance itself is ranked third. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology ranks first among the lowest spenders. 2 billion 30 million 16 million rupees were allocated for this ministry. During the half-yearly review period of the budget, only 53.6 million i.e. 2.33 percent has been spent. 

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However, it seems that the Ministry of Communication has made a considerable amount of current expenditure during the same period. Current expenditure of this ministry has been 32.79 percent ie 2 billion 10 million rupees. 6 billion 40 million 51 million rupees were allocated to this ministry for current expenses.

Another low spender is the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration. Out of the capital allocation of 23.44 million for this ministry, only 70 million i.e. 2.97 percent has been spent. But the Ministry of Federal Affairs has made 16.83 percent current expenditure ie 91.66 million rupees. 5 billion 44 crore 55 lakh rupees was allocated to the said ministry for current expenses.

The Ministry of Finance has spent 453.6 million out of a capital allocation of 11.12 billion 78 million. This is 4.08 percent of the total allocated capital expenditure. 

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Ministry of Finance has spent 12.31 percent on current expenditure. 29 billion 326 million was allocated for current expenses out of which 3 billion 618 million has been spent.

Similarly, in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, 3,292,100,000 was allocated for capital expenditure, but it has spent 147,600,000 in 6 months. This is 4.48 percent of the total budget.

The Ministry of Industry has made 34.61 percent of the current expenditure, i.e. 1 billion 67 crore 71 lakh rupees. 

The Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens has spent 4.66 percent of capital expenditure. Of the 377.2 million allocated for capital expenditure, only 1.76 million rupees have been spent. But the current expenditure is 13.50 percent expenditure ie 16 crore 19 lakh rupees. 1 billion 199 million rupees have been allocated for the current side.

5 ministries related to development and construction have not been able to spend
more than 20 percent of capital expenditure.

For the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, which has the highest budget, 1 trillion 23 billion 805 million rupees was allocated for capital in the current financial year. However, in 6 months, the ministry has spent 19.31 percent, i.e. 23 billion 90 million 61 million rupees, of the capital budget.

The Ministry of Urban Development, which will get another higher budget, has not been able to cut capital expenditure by 15 percent. 41 billion 80 million 58 million rupees were allocated for the expenditure of this ministry. But it has spent only 5 billion 79 crore 21 lakh rupees in 6 months.

The Ministry of Water Supply, which is a ministry with more development and construction activities, has also been seen as weak in capital expenditure. 12 billion 1383 million rupees was allocated for drinking water in the current financial year. During the period of 6 months, this ministry has spent only 19.11 percent. 

During that period, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the highest capital expenditure. In the current fiscal year, 42.34 million rupees have been allocated for this ministry, but 37.70 percent has been spent.

Finance Minister Prakasharan Mahat announced the half-yearly review on Monday and claimed that the pace of expenditure will increase even though there is no encouraging progress in capital expenditure. 

“Capital expenditure does not look encouraging. Now the pace of capital expenditure will increase. Due to lack of capital expenditure and some procedures and environmental studies or not being awarded the contract, the time period had to be extended. Due to all these reasons, the capital expenditure has not been achieved and will increase in the coming days. There are signs of an increase in the cost of foreign-aided projects as well,’ said Minister Mahat.

Since the government could not spend the allocated capital budget in the current financial year, it has been revised and reduced through half-yearly review. In the current financial year, 3 trillion 2 billion 744 million rupees were allocated towards capital. It has been reduced to 2 trillion 54 billion 13 million 19 million rupees. 

As of Monday, the government has spent only 21.05 percent of the total capital expenditure. In other words, 63 billion 27 billion 95 million rupees have been spent towards the capital budget, according to the Comptroller General’s Office.

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