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Vegetable cultivation as the choice of rural farmers

Business NewsVegetable cultivation as the choice of rural farmers
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | Hill town. Green Village. Residents of Dullu Municipality-2 Ward Pokhara of the district are always busy tending to vegetable farming. Vegetable farming has not only saved the morning and evening of the locals, but the economic level has also changed. Commercial vegetable farming has improved the living standards of the locals.

Local 35-year-old Hira Rawat spends most of her days cultivating vegetables in her pakho garden next to her house. Earlier she used to grow cash crops traditionally in the same field. It had to wash away the thunder of the family. Hira is satisfied with vegetable farming. She says, ‘From the morning till late in the evening, she spends her time in the work of plucking vegetables, picking the fruits, pouring water, sowing the bales, etc.’

Until two years ago, Hira’s family grew vegetables on a small plot of land just to feed themselves. Hira says that she started growing vegetables commercially since 2078 after seeing that she can get a lot of income from vegetable farming. Now his village is known as ‘Smart Agricultural Village’.

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Farmers in Dullu region are involved in agriculture profession. Some of them have embraced both traditional cash crop farming and vegetable farming. Most of them left traditional farming and started commercial vegetable farming. They are excited that the vegetables produced according to the season fetch good prices. 48-year-old Dharma Bahadur Thapa of Vadapokhara village says, “Traditionally, leaving cash crops and starting vegetable farming is producing better crops.” It has been four years since he started commercial vegetable farming. Thapa, who is also the president of the local Ward Pokhara Farmers’ Group, says, ’48 households of the Ward Pokhara village are affiliated to the farmers’ group, all of them are engaged in vegetable farming. He earns 2-4 lakh rupees according to the season. He said that he got knowledge about climate-friendly vegetable farming because he belonged to the group.

The production of cash crops, which the locals have been growing for years, started to decline gradually. Farmers increased their use of pesticides. Due to the use of pesticides, the production decreased even more. Thapa says that while looking for a way to increase the fertility of the soil, they have used techniques such as compost fertilizer and jhol fertilizer that can be made at home without the use of pesticides. It is his experience that vegetable production has increased after the use of fertilizers that can be made locally.

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