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Film halls across the country are closed today in protest against the tax

Entertainment NewsFilm halls across the country are closed today in protest against the tax
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | Film halls across the country were closed today in protest against the government’s tax levied on various topics. As a symbolic protest, on the call of the Film Association, Dhedsay hall suspended the performance on Monday.
According to the association, the government is collecting 36 percent tax on film development fee, local tax, VAT and it is impractical. The film development fee and local tax are impractical and the exhibitor demands that they be abolished.
The Film Development Board collects money from the exhibitors as film development fee, which is also the financial source of the board. The administrative work of the board is carried out from the amount collected from this fee. The exhibitor is also dissatisfied with this title.
The demand of the association is that after the implementation of VAT and corporate tax, no tax can be collected under other headings. The Sangh has also analyzed the direct impact of higher VAT on the purchasing power of the audience.
According to the association, there were 450 theaters in the country before the establishment of the Film Development Board, but now only 150 theaters are operating. Mentioning that the film sector has collapsed due to the corona epidemic, the union also said that the business cannot be run due to the taxes imposed by the government.

“If the tax demand is not met, we may have to go to other forms of protest,” said Narendra Maharjan, general secretary and spokesperson of the Film Association.

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