Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Project honoring Bollywood nostalgia by a Nepali independent music producer

On Saturday in London, Aman Karna released Bollymood, his second EP.

Aman Karna was exposed to several Bollywood tunes while growing up in Bhairahawa. From his home to the nearby shops, these songs, especially ones from the 1990s, would be playing nonstop. Despite switching to a very different genre of music, Bollywood music has always been a part of him.

“Occasionally, I relax and sing along to these classic songs. I’m amazed at how well I still remember some of these tunes, says Karna.

Bollywood, Karna’s second EP, was released in London on Saturday under the same influence. He hopes to redefine his solo music production career through this EP and demonstrate to the audience how much he has improved as a producer over the years.

Attempt to establish an identity

Bollywood is upbeat, relaxing, funky, and easy to listen to. It features songs that can be played at a party or while working. It is raw and fresh. Many listeners, particularly those who grew up in the 1990s, may find it to be nostalgic.

The EP is extremely straightforward. I made an effort to meld my personal aesthetic with Bollywood-inspired music. Because it was my idea, it might not sound very Bollywood, claims Karna.

A member of the well-known Nepali band Phosphenes, Karna. Despite the band’s success and their ability to sell out venues around the nation, he now wants to consider pursuing a solo musical career as well. Although he thinks being in a popular band is excellent, he also believes that a successful individual career is crucial.

Successful band members often have a successful solo careers. This is true not just globally but also locally in Nepal.

He released an EP called Mixed Bag in 2021 because he wanted to produce something he could call his own. But that was more of a test he ran in his own time while Covid was under lockdown. But Bollywood is something entirely else. The new EP is more cogent and consistent than Mixed Bag. From track 1 to track 5, the tracks seem to flow more smoothly and in harmony.

I’m a self-taught musician, and over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about production. I hope I’ve been able to demonstrate to people how far I’ve come.

Bollywood’s various moods

Though Bollymood had been on Karna’s mind since June, he didn’t really begin to work on it consistently until he arrived in London in early September. Additionally, it appears that he has worked quite hard.

The EP opens with a dialogue from a vintage Bollywood movie that tells the audience that art and enjoyment are the two most important things in life. The song’s guitar work is excellent and exudes a tranquil vibe that is sure to leave listeners wanting more.

Bollymood’s second track is an extension of the intro tune. The song, Going Round in Circles, is lighthearted and carefree. The tune features excellent bass work and several sample layers. Nitika’s vocals have given the song extra energy. A song that is so upbeat that you could play it continuously for hours.

“The goal is to make listening enjoyable for everyone. But I also want to make sure that everyone who attends my live performances has a great time, says Karna.

The third song on Bollymood, “In Love,” starts out slowly but quickly develops into something really experimental and groovy. Despite this, he was still able to maintain the desired vibe using the voice samples and beats. His guitar playing on the song is flawless and creates the tone for the whole thing.

A particular favorite is the fourth. Karna has made a fun track using noises and samples from three decades ago. The catchy beats and sitar and flute sounds in the groovy track are a treat for the ears. It is a song that is certain to be popular with people who enjoy dancing.

The tune gives off the impression that he had a lot of fun making it, and the beat work he did for it is also really good.

Bollymood’s final song is a little different from the others. It begins with another man speaking sample before switching to a mix of the old and new. A fusion track begins slowly but builds to something unique, enjoyable, and engaging.

“I may include this final track in the upcoming EP. Let’s take a look, he adds. At a London event where the EP was released, he performed with Nepali musicians Wenostal, Yugal Gurung, and Ankit Shrestha.

“People really enjoyed it. Let’s see how Bollymood is received by people in Nepal and the rest of the world, Karna says.

Through Cape Monze Records, an electronic and independent music company located in Karachi, Pakistan, he is releasing the EP. He claims he is doing this in an effort to expand his audience and break into the South Asian independent music scene.

“A musician needs to enter the subcontinent market in order to be successful. I’m eager to collaborate with them and observe how audiences in South Asia will react.

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