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Due to extreme heat, the risk of fetal death doubles: study.

Health NewsDue to extreme heat, the risk of fetal death doubles: study.
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Kathmandu. recent study, involving the participation of eight hundred pregnant women from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, has revealed that the risk of fetal death and miscarriage increases significantly when pregnant women spend long hours in extreme heat.

According to the Nepal Online Patrika report, pregnant women in Chennai, who spend many hours in the intense heat, face an increased risk of fetal death and miscarriage. The study, conducted by the Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research in 2017, highlighted that the risk of complications during pregnancy due to prolonged exposure to heat is much higher than previously estimated.

Another study conducted previously in The Gambia also indicated that high temperatures lead to increased fetal heart rates and reduced blood circulation. The report suggests that pregnant women should take breaks in cool areas and consume plenty of water and nutritious food to mitigate the risks associated with working in extreme heat.

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