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The one who lives in the village, their health insurance.

Health NewsThe one who lives in the village, their health insurance.
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Kathmandu. Bhim Bahadur Damai of Pokhari Swara has health insurance starting from Saturday. The ward office has provided him with free insurance.

After getting health insurance for the first time, he is amazed. “Even those living in the village are being noticed by the government. Times have changed, now even those living in the village are being seen by the government,” he said. “I am happy.”

Pokhara Metropolitan City Ward No. 13 has provided health insurance to those living in rural areas. The ward office has informed about the insurance of citizens who have come to live in the village without leaving any stone unturned.

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Saraswati Ghale from Pokhari Swara also became amazed after receiving a free health insurance card. Now, she doesn’t have to spend her own money for treatment up to one lakh rupees. “Even though it was a small amount of money, I had health insurance.

The ward provided insurance, making it easier to get treatment,” she said. Along with the health insurance team, Kiran Baral, the ward chairman who had reached the village, transferred the insurance cards to them.

Baral informed that health insurance has been provided to families in Vijaypur, Khamghal, Digaun, and Pokhari Swara. According to him, 40 families have been given free insurance worth up to one lakh rupees each.

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“This is a gesture of respect from the ward to those living in the village. Some people even when they get sick, they can’t afford treatment. After having insurance, there’s no need to hide illnesses.

It also makes us more aware of our health,” she said. The slogan “Health insurance for those living in the village” has been implemented by the ward office along with the health insurance team.

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