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Veer Hospital: Facing Challenges in Accessing International-Level Dental Services and Treatment Within the Country.

Health NewsVeer Hospital: Facing Challenges in Accessing International-Level Dental Services and Treatment Within the Country.
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | Humans, dentition also contributes significantly to enhancing one’s beauty. Even with other facial features, the teeth are often the first thing people notice. Clean, aligned, and healthy teeth add to a person’s attractiveness.

However, when teeth are misaligned or protruding, it can diminish a person’s beauty. Nowadays, people are willing to spend a considerable amount for dental procedures and treatments. Most individuals encounter some dental issues. A medical practitioner points out that neglecting dental hygiene can lead to problems like cavities and tooth decay, especially when consuming sugary foods like candies, chocolates, and soft drinks, which attract bacteria.

There are five branches under the dental department at the hospital: dental filling, cleaning, gum diseases, extraction, and oral surgery. Each branch sees around a hundred new dental patients every day, with approximately fifty requiring tooth fillings alone, according to the head of the department.

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According to her, there is a high demand for fixing misaligned teeth, especially among children and young adults. She mentions that treatment for misaligned teeth typically involves braces, which need to be worn for up to two years. Dentists suggest a treatment duration of six to eight months.

Due to the high quality and affordability of dental treatment at Veer Hospital, there are challenges in accommodating patients for treatment. The department head notes that the limited manpower and patient load make it challenging to accommodate patients for dental treatment. Despite the challenges, dental treatment at Veer Hospital is 50% cheaper than elsewhere. She says, “We provide quality and affordable services, but the high patient load creates challenges in accommodating them for treatment.”

Currently, there is a shortage of space for dentists to perform treatments. The hospital has plans to build a dental hospital, but the study for it is still ongoing, says Dr. Pradhan, head of the dental department. Currently, seven individuals are pursuing postgraduate studies in master and dental surgery annually at seven educational institutions. However, the government has capped the number of dentists at fifty or more.

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When there is an adequate supply of manpower, dentists operate dental clinics to provide services. According to Dr. Ranjita Shrestha Gorakhali, a specialist in oral diseases at the hospital, Nepal offers internationally recognized dental treatment. She says that all dental treatments, from tooth extraction to fixing decayed teeth, are now available in Nepal.

She also mentions that digital scanning technology is available for making custom dental appliances. She says, “We provide all specialized services offered abroad right here in Nepal.” She says that procedures like orthodontic treatment, dental implants, and cosmetic surgery are also available in Nepal.

According to her, there are currently over 12 institutions producing more than 500 dental specialists annually. However, the government has imposed a cap of 50% more on the number of dentists.

When there is a shortage of skilled manpower in Nepal, up to 50% of dentists go abroad for better opportunities, including the USA and Australia, she adds. Despite production, the lack of permanent positions and dentists’ shortage remains a challenge in government hospitals. Currently, forty dentists are providing services in permanent and contract positions at the hospital.

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