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Black pearl world record

Nepal NewsBlack pearl world record
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | Buffaloes are being sold as black pearls in the world. Buffaloes are not less valuable than pearls! Even buffaloes recognized as black pearls in the world have set new records. This is not a new thing in the animal world. According to the latest records, a buffalo has been bought and sold for Rs. 51 lakhs in India.

This business is in Haryana, India. Its Nepali equivalent is Rs. 81 lakhs 60 thousand. However, the price of this buffalo has now been estimated at more than 1 crore. This buffalo, named Saraswati, was showcased at the Dairy and Agro Exhibition organized in Jagraon, Ludhiana, India, recently.

In a competitive event, Saraswati amazed the world by giving 33 decimal 131 kilograms of milk. After being declared the first in the world competition, Saraswati had won Indian Rs. 2 lakh as the prize, which is about Nepali Rs. 3 lakh 80 thousand!

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Along with this, the record of the Pakistani buffalo, which was known to give the most milk in the world, has also been broken. The Pakistani buffalo maintained the record by giving 32 decimal 50 kilograms of milk.

In the competitive fair held in Hisar, India, last year, Saraswati, the buffalo with the same name, had won the first prize by giving 29 decimal 31 kilograms of milk. Similarly, in the buffalo research program at the Central Buffalo Research Institute in Hisar, a buffalo won the prize by giving 28 decimal 8 kilograms of milk.

This is a Murrah breed buffalo. The Murrah breed buffalo is now taken as the most milking buffalo in the world. India has also initiated efforts to take ownership of the ‘patent right’ in this breed.

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