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Restrictions on loitering on the road pavements in the name of security.

Nepal NewsRestrictions on loitering on the road pavements in the name of security.
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kathmandu | The primary responsibility of security personnel is to ensure the safety of sensitive areas and the general public. Security measures should not be seen as mere restrictions on pedestrian movement but as a means to instill a sense of safety. However, the current situation around Singha Durbar and Baneshwor remains unchanged.

Following a minor incident involving a security officer at the Parliament premises on Monday, restrictions have been enforced on loitering near Singha Durbar and the vicinity of the Parliament premises. Consequently, security personnel have been deployed, and areas under restriction are demarcated with makeshift barriers. The sudden imposition of security measures has left pedestrians feeling uneasy and intimidated.

Barbed wire and ropes have been utilized to block footpaths in the restricted areas, forcing the general public to use main roads for commuting. Extensive security patrols have been conducted along the footpaths within the restricted zone. Hari Prasad Sharma, Assistant Chief District Officer of Kathmandu, noted the sensitivity of security concerns and acknowledged the closure of footpaths in certain areas.

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Sharma highlighted that only one side of the footpath in restricted zones has been cordoned off. “These areas have always been restricted,” Sharma stated. “There is no justification for disturbances or protests within these areas. The installation of barbed wire and ropes is a security necessity.”

Dinesh Mainali, spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Office, underscored the gravity of security issues. “Once an area is designated as restricted, it remains so,” Mainali emphasized. “Footpaths have been unilaterally closed for a specific duration.” Navaraj Adhikari, spokesperson for the District Police Office in Kathmandu, verified the closure of one side of the footpath in restricted areas.

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