Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023

CPN-MC to bolster the ruling coalition

We must address our own weaknesses and limitations going forward, he continued.

A top party leader has stated that the CPN-Maoist Centre is in favor of strengthening the current ruling alliance and that claims that the CPN-Maoist Centre and CPN-UML are in talks to form an alliance are false.

Dev Prasad Gurung, the leader of the CPN-MC, stated today that his party had not considered forming an alliance with the CPN-UML. Speaking to reporters after a meeting of the top party leaders today in this city, Gurung claimed that as of this moment, the party had not discussed government formation with any other parties.

“According to sources, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the party spokesperson, claimed that we were willing to create a government with any party, including the CPN-UML. I’m not sure what context he used to make that statement. We remain a part of the current coalition, and by enlisting other parties, we hope to enhance it “Gurung remarked.

When asked if his party would demand the prime ministership, Gurung responded that the party’s leaders had been asserting this since 2008, but since the November 20 elections resulted in a hung parliament, everything would depend on consensus among alliance partners. According to Gurung, there is no disagreement within the ruling coalition regarding the creation of a cabinet.

According to Gurung, the leaders of his party believe that they should first strive to build a coalition government and be an alliance partner, in answer to a journalist’s question. Gurung acknowledged that his party did not secure the anticipated number of seats in the legislature.

We must address our own weaknesses and limitations going forward, he continued. The ruling coalition has made the decision to have its meetings tomorrow in order to assess results from the parliamentary and provincial elections held on November 20.

Several speakers at the party meeting today, according to a CPN-MC leader who attended, disagreed with Mahara’s comments from yesterday about the party being willing to negotiate with the CPN-UML to create the next administration. Party leaders warned that the CPN-MC would be seen as opportunistic if it partnered with the UML to create the next administration.

The CPN-MC ran in the election as a member of the democratic-left alliance. However, the ruling coalition has not yet come to a consensus on who should be the next prime minister, which could lead to conflict given the number of leaders who have expressed interest in the position. In addition to the NC, there are competing claims for the position of prime minister inside the current coalition.

It is no secret that NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba wants to return to the position of prime minister, but other NC figures with prime ministerial ambitions include Shekhar Koirala, NC General Secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa, and senior leader Ramchandra Paudel. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, chair of the CPN-Maoist Centre, has also declared his desire to run for prime minister once more within the coalition.

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