Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023

Kathmandu’s top 8 restaurants for flavorful biryani

In Kathmandu, there are many eateries that specialize in serving biryani.

Kathmandu. For people who enjoy eating rice, curries, and lentils, biryani may taste particularly delicious. This type of dish combines several flavors onto a single platter.

Rice, ghee, onions, nutmeg, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, cloves, and saffron are the main components of biryani. Then, you can even add meat and eggs to it, depending on your taste.

Indian cuisine includes biryani. It is thought that the dish of biryani first appeared during the Mughal era. There are many restaurants in Kathmandu that specialize in serving biryani because the dish is also well known in Nepal.

The top eight in our opinion are these eight.

1. Mughal Biryani House

Seven years after beginning its operations, Mughal Biryani House now has three restaurants in Kathmandu, one each in Lazimpat, Thamel, and Jhamsikhel.

This establishment uses a copper saucepan to serve the biryani. The Hyderabadi, Parsi, and Kashmiri biryanis served here are well-known.

Mutton, chicken, fish, prawns, and vegetable biryani are available here. You can purchase 750 ml of mutton biryani for Rs 675, chicken for Rs 555, prawns for Rs 825, fish for Rs 625, and vegetables for Rs 410 here.

2. Haadi Biryani

In Kathmandu, there are two locations of Haadi Biryani: Dillibazar and Kumaripati. In Kathmandu, this restaurant offers five different types of biryani, including mutton, chicken, veggie, prawn, and egg.

The cost is determined by how big your dish is. For one person, mutton biryani costs Rs 400. Similar to this, the costs of the chicken, prawn, egg, and vegetarian biryani are, respectively, Rs 350, Rs 400, Rs 350, and Rs 300.

3. Chulha: Taste of Hyderabad

This is yet another well-known location for biryani in Kathmandu, and it’s in Bauddha. Here, you may find a unique variety of dum biryani from Hyderabad. In addition to vegetarian biryani options, this restaurant also provides mutton, chicken, and boneless chicken from Chulha.

The proprietor claims that they import the spices for the meal from India. The chef in this establishment has 17 years of expertise in Hyderabad.

The cost is between Rs. 450 and Rs. 700. This restaurant also serves fish and prawn biryanis, based on requests.

4. Biryani House and Sekuwa Cave

Biryani House and Sekuwa Cave are in Baluwatar and were built four years ago. Hyderabadi biryani is what this restaurant is well known for. Additionally, it provides vegetarian, egg, mutton, and chicken biryanis.

One plate of mutton biryani costs Rs 650 in this location. In a similar vein, vegetarian biryani costs Rs 350, chicken biryani costs Rs 495, and egg biryani costs Rs 375. In addition, the restaurant offers home delivery for Kathmandu’s biryani devotees.

5. Bamboo Biryani

Another well-liked location for biryani in Kathmandu is Bamboo Biryani, which is situated in Maitidevi. This restaurant’s biryani tastes distinct because it is prepared with bamboo.

Here, the mutton biryani costs Rs 500. Chicken and vegetarian options both cost Rs 400 apiece. Food is also cooked in bamboo in Bhutan and Burma, and two years ago, Bamboo Biryani was established in Kathmandu using a similar idea.

6. Biryani Adda

Another excellent location for biryani in Kathmandu is Biryani Adda. Akabare, mutton, chicken, fish, prawn, and vegetarian biryanis are served there.

The restaurant also serves Hyderabadi biryani in clay matka pots. Matka chicken biryani costs Rs 480 for a small plate; mutton and fish biryanis each cost Rs 495; prawn biryani costs Rs 600; and veg biryani costs Rs 375.

All of the serving equipment and ingredients at Biryani Adda’s three locations are produced in Nepal.

7. Biryani Angan

At Biryani Angan, you can get vegetarian, mutton, and chicken biryanis. Dum biryani is the house specialty at Biryani Angan. Mutton biryani is priced at Rs. 500, chicken biryani at Rs. 400, and vegetarian biryani at Rs. 300. Since five months ago, Biryani Angan has been serving biryani in Kathmandu.

8. Biryani Moments

Another well-known restaurant serving biryani in Kathmandu is Biryani Moments in Sankhamul. In Narayangadh, a new location just opened.

This restaurant charges Rs 715 for Hyderabadi biryani, Rs 475 for chicken biryani, and Rs 399 for vegetarian biryani.

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