Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023

21-year-old cricketer Mausam Dhakal is here to satisfy Nepal’s need for spin bowlers

Mausam Dhakal was an unknown name before the Prime Minister’s Cup national one-day cricket competition. After being named the tournament’s developing talent, the 21-year-old leg spinner, who is under contract with the departmental team Armed Police Force (APF) Club, has been able to grab the interest of numerous people.

Dhakal, a native of Bhalwari in Rupandehi, participated in the match and took wickets in five of the champion team’s six games. His accomplishment includes the important Tribhuvan Army Club final three wickets.

In addition, Dhakal grabbed two wickets from Sudurpaschim, four from Gandaki, four from Karnali, and two from Madhesh. Dhakal, who bowled 38 overs in six innings, grabbed 15 wickets for 185 runs and two maidens while spending 185 runs on his haul.

Mausam Dhakal is viewed as a serious candidate for the national squad due to his potential. Dhakal’s ascent coincides with the Nepali cricket team’s need for a dependable leg spinner.

Dhakal’s travels

Mausam Dhakal has been hunting for a cricket career for seven years. At the age of 14, he began his playing career at the Star Cricket Academy in Rupandehi.

He learned how to hold the bat and strike the ball from former Nepali national cricket team great spinner Shakti Gauchan. Similar to how Indian cricketer Pradeep Sahu enhanced his skills by playing franchise cricket in Nepal.

Despite the fact that his maiden try at domestic cricket ended in surprising success, he is not in a rush to make a significant career change. Additionally, he has only thought about cricket. But now that he is starting to show, he is experiencing both happiness and pressure. He also realizes that, given enough time, he can achieve some measure of success.

“I don’t want to rush and complete everything at once. I am confident that I will eventually succeed if everything goes according to plan and if I can continue to establish my worth,” says Mausam Dhakal. “I’m going to keep working hard. I never imagined that I would get this far.

The players on the national team who bowl are in fierce competition with one another. And Dhakal has not hurried to join the national team, knowing all the difficulties in keeping his position and rhythm.

Sharad Vesawkar is renowned as a captain in Nepal’s domestic and franchise cricket who supports new players. He is recognized with spotting established players from the present, like Asif Sheikh, Rohit Paudel, and Kushal Malla. Dhakal was a member of Vesawkar’s Bhairawa Gladiators during the previous season of the Everest Premier League. He was sadly denied the opportunity to play.

Assured career

For the ninth National Games men’s cricket, Mausam Dhakal had already signed a contract with the APF last August. He was denied the chance to make his national tournament debut, though.

Dhakal was given the chance to play for the squad after Abhinash Bohora of the APF traveled to Australia, and the decision turned out to be the right one. “Mausam is a talented player with good skills. In the future, he can perform much better, says Vesawkar of Dhakal.

Despite making his domestic one-day cricket debut, the cricket community is convinced that Dhakal would do even better in the T20 series. While undergoing training in India, Dhakal has a history of participating in T20 more than one-day series.

“It is incorrect to believe that I will join the team despite having no performance. You will join the team if you put in a lot of effort and deliver. Mausam Dhakal warns that someone better than you will eventually appear. “Being given an opportunity to play for any team is no minor accomplishment. I need more time and effort to get to the national team, where I can represent my country.

Studying from the very finest

However, a player’s career won’t be steady. Vesawkar, Dhakal’s role model, frequently reminds him not to get sidetracked by the ups and downs of his career as it is still in its early stages among his peers. Dhakal claims that he has even started to meditate and practice yoga as a result of taking his advice during his challenging and unsteady times.

Dhakal’s father, Ghanashyam, was the one who first inspired his interest in cricket. His father loved cricket as well. The young man was driven by his father to Shakti Gauchan’s Star Cricket Academy. He had five years of instruction from Gauchan at the academy.

Mausam Dhakal moved to New Delhi after completing his education so he could study cricket under Pradeep Sahu. “Now I spend a lot of time in India; I just travel here for exams.”

His training there and the caliber of cricket played in India have had a significant impact on him. “The only thing a player really needs is gaming experience. And we get to play lots of games while we train in India.

Dhakal grabbed Basant Regmi’s notice while bowling at the Tirupati Cricket Academy in Rupandehi during the shutdown. As a result of Regmi’s connection to APF, Dhakal found it simpler to play in the local cricket format.

He eventually ran upon Sharad Vesawkar, his hero. “He requested that I send a video of my gaming the first time we spoke,”

Mausam Dhakal says of his sources of inspiration over the years, “My coach also encourages me that I can perform much better. Additionally, Basant dai and Shakti dai constantly inspire me. They have my eternal gratitude.

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