Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Unlikely this year: a new administration

After the Election Commission sends the president the official results of the parliamentary and provincial elections, the process of creating a new government will begin.

Kathmandu. After the Election Commission sends the president the official results of the parliamentary and provincial elections, the process of creating a new government will begin. Only after finishing the first-past-the-post and proportional representation system’s ballot paper counting can the EC send an election result report to the head of state. The Dolakha, Bajura, and Syangja-2 FPTP constituencies’ FPTP ballots have not yet been counted by the election panel.

The new administration must be constituted within a month of the EC declaring the election results, according to senior attorney Surendra Kumar Mahto. He claims that because no party obtained a simple majority, a new coalition government will be established in accordance with Article 76(2) of the constitution. According to Article 76 (2), the president must appoint a member of the House of Representatives who can command a majority with the support of two or more parties represented in the HoR as prime minister when no party has a clear majority in the House of Representatives.

Mahto said the president would appoint the parliamentary party leader of the largest party as the new PM under Article 78 if the new PM could not be appointed under Article 76 (2) or if the PM appointed under this article fails to win a vote of confidence within 30 days. Within 30 days, the PM appointed under paragraphs 76(2) or 76(3) must win a vote of confidence.

When Article 76 (3) cannot be used to nominate the new prime minister, Article 76 will be used to begin the formation of a coalition government (5). According to the article, the president must appoint that member as prime minister if the prime minister appointed in accordance with clause (3) is unable to secure a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives in accordance with clause (4) and any member in accordance with clause (2) presents a ground on which he or she can do so. Within 30 days, the PM chosen in accordance with Article 76(5) must win a vote of confidence.

The president, on the proposal of the PM, can dissolve the HoR and set a date for new elections if the new PM cannot be chosen in accordance with Article 76(5) or the PM chosen in accordance with this provision fails to demonstrate majority in the HoR within 30 days. Purna Bahadur Khadka, vice president of the Nepali Congress, met with Pushpa Kumar Dahal, chair of the CPN-MC, today to discuss political matters, particularly the establishment of the next government. “We agreed that the coalition as it is now should continue. Consensus will be used to build the future government “said Khadka. They also focused on bringing in new parties to the coalition, he continued.

In the first two years, no member may introduce a no-confidence resolution against the prime minister, according to Article 100(4) of the constitution. A year must pass after a nottrust motion against the PM is introduced in the HoR, according to another provision in this paragraph.

The coalition administration could be overthrown at any time, according to Mahto, if one of the coalition partners withdraws support or divides. CK Raut, the leader of the Janmat Party, today met with Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. Raut had previously expressed his enthusiasm for working with the current coalition to NC leader Nidhi.

According to a news statement from the leader of the Janamat Party, Raut discussed citizenship issues, unemployment issues, and farmers’ challenges with the PM. Raut informed the PM that if his party’s issues were taken into consideration, the ruling coalition could work with it on federal and provincial levels.

The dismissal of the charges levied against Resham Chaudhary and other political prisoners, according to Nagarik Unmukti Party Chair Ranjita Shrestha, would be a prerequisite for their support of any party, coalition, or attempt to enter government.

Top officials from the ruling coalition recently met with Resham Chaudhary in the Dillibazar prison where he is incarcerated. The Kailali massacre resulted in Chaudhary’s conviction.

On January 10, the House of Representatives will consider a motion of confidence in the government, according to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

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