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Chief Minister of Karnali Sharma says – I will not take the vote of confidence, deal with other matters later.

Nepal NewsChief Minister of Karnali Sharma says - I will not take the vote of confidence, deal with other matters later.
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Kathmandu. The dissatisfaction within the Maoist Center is growing over the issue of giving leadership of the Karnali Province government to the CPN-UML. Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma, who is a Maoist leader, has been seen reluctant to implement the agreement reached in the coalition regarding leaving the leadership of the provincial government to the UML in the center. Sharma is a Maoist leader. He has kept the proposal to resign only after taking the vote of confidence from the Provincial Assembly in front of the Maoists.

The Maoists are still not fully confident in Sharma’s proposal. According to the agreement reached in the center, Sharma has been suggested to resign first. On Monday, consensus was reached between the ruling coalition parties on the leadership of all seven provincial governments. According to this, the Maoists in Karnali have agreed to relinquish leadership of the government, and the UML has agreed to take it.

Prime Minister Prachanda and Maoist Chairman called Karnali Province In-charge Kali Bahadur Mall immediately and directed the Maoists to hand over the leadership of the government to the UML as per the coalition agreement.

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Chief Minister Sharma is upset with the decision to give leadership of Karnali to the UML. Earlier, Maoist Deputy Secretary Janardan Sharma also expressed dissatisfaction with the decision to relinquish leadership in a party meeting.

Prime Minister Prachanda has sent Mall and former Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi to Surkhet to resolve the Karnali issue.

Discussions have been ongoing between the top leaders of the Maoist and UML factions on Tuesday. Sharma’s stance has left the meeting inconclusive. Additionally, the Provincial Assembly meeting scheduled for Wednesday to seek a vote of confidence has been postponed.

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Sharma has indicated that he is ready to abide by the central agreement only after obtaining a vote of confidence from the Provincial Assembly. The Maoist parliamentary party meeting has also decided to resign only after taking the vote of confidence.

The Maoists are not the only concern in Karnali; the recent developments in the central coalition formed on February 21 have also worried Prachanda.

In this context, NepalKhabar has had a brief conversation with Karnali Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma.

Sharma did not express any tension caused by Karnali’s politics throughout the day. What happened today?

There hasn’t been anything specific; discussions are ongoing. Both parties (Maoist and UML) are discussing how to proceed.

“Are you planning to resign within a few days, considering you’ve put forth a proposal seeking trust instead of resigning outright?”
“I’ve requested a vote of confidence rather than resignation, asking for trust and suggesting stepping down if necessary.”

“It’s been heard that the government leadership has given a three-day ultimatum to resign. What did the leaders of the ruling party say about agreeing in writing?”

“Rather than resigning immediately, the idea of resigning is being explored in a constructive manner. It’s not about refraining from implementing the consensus formed at the center, but about applying it in our specificity, advancing incrementally, from the bottom up. It’s been discussed in the order of prioritizing some significant differences in the course of the dialogue over the next few days.”
“But they haven’t reached an agreement yet.”
“Did you discuss this matter with the Prime Minister today?”

“I haven’t had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister. All discussions happen through intermediaries. Our intermediary is Kali Bahadur Mall. Whether he comes or goes, it’s through him.”

“The meeting has been postponed until tomorrow. Are you not going to withdraw your vote of confidence?”

“I’ll be taking the vote of confidence tomorrow. Discussions are ongoing on other matters.”

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