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“Let’s investigate the claim that America is spending dollars to spread atheism.” – Kamal Thapa

Nepal News"Let's investigate the claim that America is spending dollars to spread atheism." - Kamal Thapa
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Kathmandu.  “The Chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal, Kamal Thapa, has expressed concern over the problem of fear of religious conversion in Nepal, stating that it undermines social harmony and unity.”

“In today’s visit during the training program to various districts, Thapa, communicating with the communication workers, also added that the government has decided to immediately investigate and take action against the economic investment in increasing atheism, stating that questions have been raised about Nepal even in the American Congress.

Discussing the failure of the federal secular republic, Thapa highlighted the transformation of the current system and structure into corruption and emphasized that only a constitutional monarchy and a Hindu state’s roadmap can clearly lead the country towards stability and progress.

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Stating that the unnecessary burden imposed by federalism cannot be sustained by the country, he indicated the need to eliminate federalism. He commented on the dwindling unity within the RPP due to policy reasons, attributing it to the mentally centered RPP power.

Thapa stressed the necessity of a broad alliance among all nationalist forces to bring about change in the country’s system and situation, stating that it is essential to form a large front among all nationalist forces. In the program, party’s senior leaders such as Rajaram Bartaula, Madhav Khatri, Dambar Shivakoti, Ramsundar Bisht, Shyam Nepal, among others, were present.”

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