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Nepal Corruption Decreasing according CPI report

Nepal's Corruption Perceptions Index rises to 108th place with 35 points, a slight improvement. Denmark leads with 90 points, while Somalia ranks last.

Politics NewsNepal Corruption Decreasing according CPI report
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KATHMANDU – Nepal has moved up a bit in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), according to the latest report from Transparency International (TI). Now, Nepal is at the 108th position, showing a small improvement from its 110th rank in 2022, where it scored 34 points.

Out of 180 countries checked, Denmark is doing the best with a score of 90, meaning it has the least corruption. The top five also include Finland, New Zealand, Norway, and Singapore. On the other side, Somalia has the most corruption, sitting at the 180th spot. Countries like Venezuela, Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen also face significant corruption challenges. Nepal’s neighbors India and China are at 93rd (39 points) and 76th (42 points), respectively.

The data for the report comes from various sources, including the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

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This index, created using info from 13 different places, shows how countries handle corruption.

Transparency International’s 29th annual corruption perceptions report looks at how countries deal with corruption over time. It checks progress and issues over the past decade, mainly focusing on how weak justice systems let public officials get away with corruption.

The report points out that over two-thirds of countries score below 50 out of 100, meaning they have serious corruption problems.

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