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The government has wrote a letter to metropolitan city to remove the parking of Dharahara.

Politics NewsThe government has wrote a letter to metropolitan city to remove the parking of Dharahara.
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | The issue of parking management in Kathmandu’s Dharahara has led to a dispute between the central government and Kathmandu’s Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen).

The central government has cautioned Mayor Balen against not removing parking in Dharahara until the construction work is completed. Mayor Balen has replied that he will not remove parking in Dharahara under any circumstances without the consent of the central government.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City had recently banned parking within the Newroad area, directing vehicles to park in Dharahara’s parking area. However, the central government has criticized Mayor Balen’s move, accusing him of playing with safety.

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On Monday, while discussing with journalists at the Parliament premises, Minister of Urban Development Sita Gurung accused Mayor Balen of arbitrarily parking vehicles in Dharahara without any responsibility.

Minister Gurung warned Mayor Balen against continuing such unauthorized parking without proper coordination and communication with the central government. She emphasized the need to develop a proper strategy for managing parking, not just building it.

She questioned Mayor Balen about the responsibility for security once construction work is completed and who would take it. She also raised concerns about the central government’s letter to stop parking work in Dharahara a few days ago, which Mayor Balen dismissed.

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Mayor Balen expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision to stop parking in Dharahara, stating that he would not back down from any situation caused by that decision.

Mayor Balen clarified that he was not removing free parking in Dharahara to facilitate contract killings for private interests, despite the public property being misused for private purposes.

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