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Now smartphone can be charged with our body heat

Researchers at IIT Mandi develop a device charging smartphones using body heat. Revolutionizing renewable energy applications.

Tech NewsNow smartphone can be charged with our body heat
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In a groundbreaking development, researchers at IIT Mandi have pioneered a device capable of charging smartphones using body heat as a renewable energy source. This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the landscape of renewable energy applications.

Published in the esteemed science journal Angewandte Chemie, the research spearheaded by Dr. Ajay Soni, Associate Professor at the School of Physical Sciences, IIT Mandi, introduces a novel thermoelectric generator. Shared on social media platform X, the breakthrough elucidates the functioning of this innovative device, crafted from silver telluride nanowires.

Operating on the principle of thermoelectric conversion, the device exhibits remarkable efficiency, promptly generating significant voltage upon contact with human touch. Its versatility extends beyond smartphones, enabling the charging of various electronic gadgets including laptops and earbuds.

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This transformative technology stems from the pioneering work of Estonian physicist Thomas Seebeck in 1821, who discovered the principle of converting heat into electricity. Leveraging this fundamental discovery, the team at IIT Mandi has developed a device poised to eliminate the need for traditional chargers, ushering in a new era of energy efficiency.

Professor Soni highlights the adaptability of the module, emphasizing its ability to harness heat emissions from diverse sources beyond the human body. From the warmth of car hoods to the heat generated by water pumps, the device offers a promising solution for generating electricity sustainably.

With this remarkable advancement, the days of carrying chargers may soon become obsolete, as smartphones and other gadgets seamlessly draw power from the heat around them.

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