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Japanese startup prepares genetically engineered pigs for organ donation

Tech NewsJapanese startup prepares genetically engineered pigs for organ donation
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Nepal online patrika , kathmandu | Japanese startup PorMedTech has given birth to three newborn pigs that have been genetically engineered to produce organs suitable for transplant into humans.

Piglets were born on Sunday from mothers who received transplanted eggs.

“We are finally at the starting line to implement cross-species organ transplantation for patients in Japan,” said Hiroshi Nagashima, representative director of PorMedTech. Nagashima also works as a professor at Meiji University in Tokyo.

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PorMedTech acquired the edited pig cells from US biomedical company Egenecy in September.

A Japanese startup inserts cell nuclei into egg cells that are then implanted into the uterus. From which the cloned pig was born.

A genetically engineered donor organ from a pig is designed not to be rejected by the body’s immune system.

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The Japanese magazine Nikai reported that pig kidneys developed by Egenesis survived for 2 years when transplanted into monkeys.

Clinical trials for cross-species transplants between pigs and humans are planned by FY 2025. Prior to this, experimental transplants will be carried out in monkeys and other test animals.

The company’s first target for clinical applications is the kidney. Japan has an acute shortage of kidney donors. About 350,000 people in Japan are undergoing dialysis due to kidney problems. For which he has to go to the hospital several times a week.

In Japan, 10.7 billion US dollars are spent annually on dialysis. This is 4 percent of the country’s total medical costs.

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