Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021 12:00:04 PM

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Nepal Online PatrikaOfferChance to win iPhone 12 joining Khalti Group in Viber

Chance to win iPhone 12 joining Khalti Group in Viber


Nepal’s popular digital wallet Khalti has launched a campaign called ‘iPhone 12 in the Khalti’ in its Viber community. By joining the Viber community, one lucky winner will be able to win an iPhone 12.

The company has now launched the ‘iPhone 12 in the Pocket’ campaign under the pocket plan to connect its users through various means. One lucky winner in this campaign will be selected through a lucky draw.

For this, you have to join the Viber community and download the Khalti Wallet sticker at the beginning. After that, you have to go inside the pocket app and recharge Rs 20 from the ‘iPhone 12 in the Khalti’ section.

By doing so, you can participate in the lucky draw. Not only that, but Khalti is also playing many fun games in his Viber community like Quiz and Giveaway. Under which anyone can win coupons and gifts. This offer is valid till March 28, i.e. March 15.





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