Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021 10:31:58 PM

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Free NTC Mobile data to use Nagarik app


Using a Nagarik app on Nepal Telecom‘s network will no longer incur data charges. Telecom has integrated the Nagarik app from its network into the system at no charge Data.

The government has launched Nagarik app with a plan to provide all services to the citizen through a single app. The government had instructed the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTAA) to make the app easily and accessible to all citizens.

nagarik app free ntc data
nagarik app free ntc data

Based on the directive given by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology last January, the Telecommunications Authority had issued a circular last week to make the service provider free of data charges.

However, NEA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal said that Nepal Telecom had already informed that data charges would not be levied while using the citizen app even before the circular was issued.

According to him, the telco has made its network free of charge while running the app since January 20. However, Ncell and Smart Telecom have not yet commented on the matter. Nagrik App Free Data.





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