Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021 4:18:09 PM

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Nepal Online PatrikaOfferNow you can watch Prabhu TV at Cheap Price

Now you can watch Prabhu TV at Cheap Price


Prabhu TV operated under Prabhu Digital, has launched a new offer targeting customers. Prabhu TV which has been providing television services in different parts of the country will provide television services at affordable prices.


For that, the company has reduced the price it was provided earlier. According to the company, customers will now be able to watch PTV with more than 250 channels throughout the year at Rs 4,200. Earlier, this package was available at Rs 5500. There was a set-top box of Rs 2,000 and an annual recharge of Rs 3,500.

But now the company is going to provide both services at 4200 only by reducing 1300 rupees. The company has also changed the six-month pack. According to the company, you can now watch television for six months at Rs 3400.

Earlier, the company had reduced the price by Rs 400 to Rs 3400. According to the company, the normal connection fee for six months was Rs 3,800.





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