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7 tricks of WhatsApp, which you may not know


Kathmandu. We are going to share 7 WhatsApp tricks: The popular messaging app WhatsApp has many users around the world. WhatsApp has so many new features that if you know how to use them, you will get a new experience. Today we will tell you seven things that you may not know about WhatsApp.

whatsapp web
whatsapp web

1. You can listen to WhatsApp messages without earphones

Don’t look for earphones when someone sends you an audio file on WhatsApp. You can listen to audio secretly without earphones.

Listen to the message by pressing the play button and moving the phone to your ear. When you do this, the audio file plays from the phone’s earpiece, not from the speaker. This is called WhatsApp’s ‘Walky Takki’ feature.

2. You can use virtual numbers to hide real phone numbers in WhatsApp

Virtual numbers are available free of charge, allowing you to sign up for WhatsApp once. You can use WhatsApp from such virtual numbers just like any regular number.

For this, you can use an app called Text Now. Download this app to your phone and create a free account.

After logging in, you can get five free phone numbers based in the US and Canada. Start chatting by setting up an account from this virtual number.

3. You can also register on WhatsApp using a landline number

You can use the landline number to register on WhatsApp. But for regular WhatsApp, you can’t do that. For this, you need to download WhatsApp Business App.

When it is installed, it will ask for your phone number for OTP based registration. Now type the phone number along with your landline code number. If there is a zero digit in front of it, delete it.

After entering this number, Business App will now send the OTP code. As this is a landline number, you will not receive any SMS. Wait for OTP time to expire and select ‘Call Me’ for OTP verification.

4. Read WhatsApp messages without Bluetooth

When you receive a WhatsApp message, unlock the device without swiping the notification. This will allow you to read the entire message without opening the app. And there is no blue tick in your message.

5. Find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

If someone has blocked you and you are sending a message to that person, you will see only one checkmark. When that checkmark becomes two, then only your message is understood to have been delivered.

6. Here’s how to find out if an account has been faked

Anyone can easily create a WhatsApp account with a fake number. When you receive a message from a number, go to its profile and check the phone number.

See what number it started with. Most fake numbers start with +1. People can also text you using fake numbers from different countries.

7. Note that someone is reading your WhatsApp message

With the help of WhatsApp web, anyone can login into an account without your knowledge. So always check the under settings, so that you can get the information.





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