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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSAlibaba founder Jack Ma has been anonymous for two months

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has been anonymous for two months


Kathmandu. Jack Ma, the founder of the e-commerce platform Alibaba and a Chinese billionaire, has been anonymous for the past two months. He has not attended any public event in the last two months.

He has not been seen in public for a long time and many people have suspected that he is underground. The main reason for this is that his company is constantly monitored by Chinese government officials.


As a result, he did not appear in the last episode of his own television talent show, Africa Business Heroes. Alibaba executives replaced him at the event.

Her picture was also removed from the event’s website and from the promo video of the event. All this has been going on since last November.

He criticized the Chinese government and state-owned banks in November. The IPO of his company Ant Group was also stopped after the critical statement. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for China.

He called the system a “club of old people.” He also said that government banks are like a shop that gives money on deposit. His remarks came after Chinese President Xi Jinping heard that the IPO of his company, Ant Group, had been suspended under the president’s direction.

He has not been seen at any public event since then. However, a spokesman for Alibaba said he did not attend the event due to a busy schedule. Mal मा hasn’t even tweeted since October 10.





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