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Sunday, April 11, 2021 6:55:48 PM

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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSCan Infotech will be held from 11th May

Can Infotech will be held from 11th May


This year’s CAN Infotech is scheduled to start on May 11. Commuter Association Nepal (CAN) informed about the fair by holding a press conference on Sunday.

CAN Infotech will be held at Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu from May 11 to May 16. Due to the Corona epidemic, the fair is being organized almost three months later than last year. As the risk of the corona, infection has not been reduced, all the standards of health vigilance will be followed at the fair, said the organizer.

The organizers have stated that the admission ticket of CAN Infotech will be made paperless this year. The entrance fee is Rs 100 for the general public and Rs 50 for students. According to the organizers, free admission will be given to government and community educational institutions on the basis of letters.

This year too, 300,000 people are expected to visit the fair. This is the 27th edition of CAN Infotech, an annual event on information technology and entertainment in Nepal.

Press release

The ban imposed by the government on April 26 to control the coronavirus epidemic and save the lives of the people is still going on in various forms and formats. Accordingly, trade and business have been affected for more than six months. Services such as tourism, hotels, and education have come to a complete standstill, while other industries and businesses have also been partially and completely affected. Industries are running at 15 to 25 percent capacity, while some are struggling to raise raw materials and human resources. This has put the investment of entrepreneurs at risk and affected millions of jobs.

A study on the impact of Nepal Rastra Bank’s Covid 19 on the economy said that it would take nine months for the industry to return to normal. Now that time has been extended to possibly two years, while the tourism sector is expected to take four to five years. As a result, the morale of entrepreneurs is constantly declining. On the other hand, the epidemic has not been brought under control even though trade has been banned in the name of closure. Doubts have been raised that the ban is an effective way to control Covid 19. If the epidemic is not controlled and businesses are not run in this way, it is sure to have a serious impact on the country’s economy.

Those who do not have access to technology are facing more problems at a time when the poor are facing difficulties. Therefore, the federal and local governments need to facilitate the opening of businesses by strictly monitoring the necessary health and safety standards. Hon’ble Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli also said that he was positive to make the environment conducive in the discussions with the representatives of the business sector on Sunday. Therefore, Computer Association Nepal Federation (CAN Federation) urges all stakeholders, including the government, to create a conducive environment for business operations by arranging strict action against those violating health and safety standards.





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