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Nepal Online PatrikaOfferCG Telecom launching internet service with aggressive plan

CG Telecom launching internet service with aggressive plan


CG Telecom under Chaudhary Group is going to bring internet service into operation. The company has taken forward the construction of necessary infrastructure with the objective of aggressively asserting its presence in the market.

The company is also building a data center in Satungal, Kathmandu to operate internet services. According to company sources, the construction of the data center is about 25 percent complete.

cg telecom internet price
cg telecom internet price

In the next five to six months, the company will have the necessary infrastructure to bring fiber internet into operation in some places including Satungal. Apart from this, the company has also started the process of purchasing necessary equipment and materials including point-to-point fiber connection, OLT (optical line terminal), router.

Unable to obtain a unified license to operate mobile and basic telecommunications services, CG immediately focused on Internet services. The company has already obtained licenses from network telecommunication authority and internet service provider from Nepal Telecommunication Authority for importing bandwidth and operating internet service.

The company has also made a plan to aggressively offer 5G services by obtaining a license to operate basic telecommunication services in the construction of an optical fiber network. Similarly, CG Telecom is now registered as a public limited company.

The company, which used to operate as a private company, will now operate as CG Communications Limited. According to Madhusudhan Poudel, general manager of the company, the company has recently completed the name change work from the company registrar’s office.

Similarly, the regulatory authority has been informed about the name change and approval has already been obtained. CG, which has been waiting for a license for GSM mobile service for a long time, has not been able to get the license from the government so far.

The Chaudhary Group, which has been saying that it will provide internet and telephone services at cheap rates if it gets the license, has stated that it has made the company limited in fulfilling its obligation.





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