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Facebook will now give a separate key for account security


Kathmandu. We have had the key to our home and office for years. With the development of technology, internet companies have changed the way security is provided with ‘virtual’ locks in the form of passwords.

Now, the security of the house, shop, and even the box has started to depend on the password. The use of this type of virtual key in bank accounts, lockers, home security systems is increasing. But what if the technology company itself began to rely on the old-fashioned key?

Recently, Facebook, the world’s largest social networking company, announced next year that it would provide a “physical safety key” for users around the world to make data security more effective.

According to Nathaniel Glicker, Facebook’s head of security policy, users will be able to purchase the token at various vendors. Such keys can also be purchased online. It can be used while registering on Facebook.

Facebook says hackers are targeting information linked to important people’s social networks. Even if you are not a CEO or a great leader, you can still be an important person in your field or you can be targeted by hackers.

Facebook has so far used two-step verification and real-time monitoring as protection against hackers. However, in the context of the ‘physical safety key’ being made public, even technology companies are finally analyzing the meaning of having to return to the old safety standards that have been in use for years.

facebook physical security key
facebook physical security key

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Facebook claims that if a user uses a security key, the hacker will not be able to hack into their account even if they have found the password. So far, Facebook has provided such “virtual keys” to high-profile accounts of US leaders, government agencies and polling staff.

From next year, users around the world will be able to use the ‘Physical Safety Key’ to verify their identity before logging in to mobile apps and desktops. The ‘physical safety key’ is like a pen drive.

It needs to be plugged into a USB port. Google first unveiled the ‘USB Security Key’ in 2014. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.





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