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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSFour years after the start of the broadband project, 70 percent of the work has been completed

Four years after the start of the broadband project, 70 percent of the work has been completed


Kathmandu. 70.16 percent of the broadband expansion project started four years ago under the Rural Telecommunication Development Project has been completed.

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTAA) has set a target of completing the project in the last fiscal year.

broadband internet
broadband internet

Under the project, which has been awarded contracts for the expansion of various internet and telecommunication service providers, the work of the broadband internet connection has been completed in 11,213 places so far.

The government signed agreements with various service providers four years ago to expand broadband internet in local body offices, ward offices, schools, and health institutions.

Under the project, 190 local body offices, 1720 ward offices, 1720 secondary schools, and 1139 health institutions are yet to be connected to the Internet.

It is mentioned in the report issued by NEA that the project has been divided into 18 packages and 100 percent of work has been completed in 46 districts under 12 packages.

Similarly, 50 percent of the work has been completed in the nine districts identified under the two packages and the rest is underway.

In the remaining 19 districts under the four packages, the NEA has stated that the expansion work is moving ahead by selecting service providers in the specified places.

Similarly, monitoring and verification work of 4 out of the completed projects has been completed. The first phase of two such projects is being monitored and verified by a consultant appointed by NEA and the other six are being monitored and verified in the second phase.

Performance monitoring of the remaining two projects is underway, according to the NEA report.

The authority has so far paid Rs 2.74 billion to the contracted service providers for the project worth Rs 5.67 billion.

The financial progress of the project so far has been 48.45 percent.





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