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Sunday, April 11, 2021 4:47:53 PM

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Nepal Online PatrikaOfferFree WiFi in 12 places of Kalaiya with the support of WorldLink

Free WiFi in 12 places of Kalaiya with the support of WorldLink


Kalaiya in Bara has been declared a free WiFi zone. The Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan Municipality, in collaboration with internet service provider WorldLink, on Monday declared the public sector of the market as a free WiFi zone.

In addition, free WiFi has been made available at Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan Office Complex, Bharat Chaek, Kalaiya Bazaar, District Administration Office, Kalaiya Hospital, and District Court / Land Revenue Office. Similarly, free Wi-Fi has been provided in 12 public places including Kalaiya Bus Park, Ram Janaki Mandir, Durga Mandir Barewa, Devkota Chowk, Durga School Chowk, and Matiarwa Customs.

worldlink free wifi
worldlink free wifi

The sub-metropolis plans to expand the service to ward office premises and other public places. Mayor Rajesh Ray Yadav said that Kalaiya sub-metropolis has been made a free Wi-Fi zone as promised.

‘In today’s age of information technology, internet service is needed by everyone. We believe that free Wi-Fi will make it easier to access public services and information, ”he said. In the free WiFi area, users will be able to use up to 90 minutes per day.





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