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Sunday, April 11, 2021 11:52:45 AM

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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSGovernment directs to close all online pharmacies saying it is illegal

Government directs to close all online pharmacies saying it is illegal


The government has banned online pharmacy operations. The Department of Drug Management has directed to stop the sale and purchase of drugs online saying that they are operating illegally.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the department clarified that no organization has so far received permission from the department to operate an online pharmacy. “Such online pharmacies have been found to be spreading misleading propaganda about drugs, including discounts on drug prices,” the department said in a statement.

Stating that the consumers concerned should be responsible for the safety, quality and effectiveness of such medicines, the department has warned all the general patients not to buy and use the medicines from the online pharmacy.

Mentioning that such acts are against the Drugs Act 2035, the department has published a notice to the concerned stakeholders not to do such acts. “If found otherwise, action will be taken as per the rules. There is a request for the information of all concerned,” the department warned.

Online Pharmacy notice 2077.12.12_1
Online Pharmacy notice 2077.12.12_1

Article 19 of the Drugs Act 2035 has a legal provision not to promote drugs falsely or misleadingly. Currently, the department has drawn its attention to the issue of huge discount facilities in the name of online pharmacy through social media, newspapers and online media.

Prior to the advertisement of drugs on social media or in newspapers, prior approval has to be obtained from the department as per Section 19 of the Drugs Act. Accordingly, the department has asked to immediately close all online pharmacies operating without permission until further notice.





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