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How to Safely clean computer and laptop


Kathmandu. Today we are going to give you information about how to clean your computer and laptop safely. You can safely clean your computer and laptop without an air compressor and electric cleaner.

For that, take water and rubbing alcohol. You can easily buy rubbing alcohol in the market. Now take a wide variety of microfiber cloth. It can pull all kinds of garbage from computers and laptops without any scratches.

How to clean Computer and laptop
How to clean Computer and laptop

It is very important that you follow this method, especially when cleaning the monitor. You can use the same method when cleaning laptops and keyboards.

While cleaning from the pressure of the air, the dirt accumulates inside the keyboard instead of coming out.

Spray on micro fiber cloth. Lightly strike the back of the hand with a sprayed cloth. Too much moisture in the fabric is bad for electronics devices. Now fold the cloth between the fingers and easily clean the computer, laptop and keyboard.

Soon that part of the cloth will be dirty. So spray the other part of the cloth in the same way and hit the back of the hand to continue the cleaning work as before. While cleaning the monitor, you can move your hand from top to bottom in the form of English letter ‘S’.

And next important thing, never make the mistake of spraying directly on an electronic device. Sprayed cloth helps to clean your keyboard quickly.





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