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How To Use Android Apps in Computer or Laptop without Emulator


Kathmandu. Certain types of Android phone users will be able to access their Android mobile apps even from a Windows 10 device. This will now be possible with an update to your phone app, which Microsoft rolled out last August.

The most appealing feature of this new feature is that users can use multiple Android apps at once on a Windows Ten device.

windows 10 your phone
windows 10 your phone

If you are part of the Windows Insider program, you can run many Android mobile apps on Windows Ten PC with the help of the latest Windows Ten Built released on November 11.

The update was first announced at a Samsung Unpacked event on August 5. With this update, you can now pin your favorite Android mobile app to your computer’s taskbar or start menu. So that you can get quick and easy access to it.

Apps that are opened after using ‘Your Phone App’ are opened separately in Windows. Then you can use these apps on your phone as usual. This article presented by the Senate will help you to run any Android app on a PC.

What is needed?

For this, you need a Samsung Galaxy phone and a computer running Windows Ten running on or after October 2019.

Check which version of Windows is running on your computer. For that, go to Update & Security and check for updates while setting. If your computer is not in Windows 10 version, you can download it for free.

Also, download the latest version of ‘Your Phone App’ on your phone now and link it to Windows. For that, your phone must have an Android 9.0 or higher OS version.

Now put the phone and computer on the same network.

How to run an Android app on Windows 10 PC:

Once all of the above is done on your device, you need to connect your phone and computer to each other and then ‘Your Phone App’ will appear on the desktop.

Click the Apps shortcut in the menu on the left. You will see a list of all the apps on the phone.

Click the app you want in the list. It opens in a separate window on your PC.

But remember, not all apps can work from your mouse and keyboard. But here are the tips to use the mouse and keyboard app on PC.

  1. Single clicks act as single touch or tap interactions.
  2. Right-click, wherever you click on the phone screen you can go to the previous page.
  3. Click and hold is like tap and hold interaction.
  4. Content can be selected by clicking and holding and dragging.
  5. Mouse scroll is used to move vertically or horizontally between pages.





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