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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSIs your email ID and password out of the hands of hackers? Check it out like this

Is your email ID and password out of the hands of hackers? Check it out like this


Kathmandu. Most users still don’t seem to be very careful about passwords. The top ten list of fake passwords showed such weak passwords that anyone could easily guess and hack the account.

You have a strong password, but what if the password falls into the hands of hackers? Lately, you have been reading and listening to the news of cyber attacks almost every day.

Such cyber-attacks do not happen on one or two accounts, but on millions, millions of accounts simultaneously. It may include your social media, email and bank account.

After a cyber-attack, a large number of passwords are stored in the hands of hackers. Which they use according to their own interests.

This means that even if your password is in the hands of a hacker, your account may or may not have seen any such abnormal activity. In this case, you are almost certain to be the target of hackers.

password tips and tricks
password tips and tricks

So you need to make sure that your account password is secure. If the password is not secure and there is a data leak, you need to change your password immediately.

Google recently introduced a tool. The tool allows users to check if their password has been leaked or weakened, or if a password is compatible with other accounts.

All you have to do is click here to login into your account. Where you will see the option of password checkup.

Tap on it and click on the ‘Go to Password Checkup’ button. In doing so, Google will give you the information you need.

Google will tell you how many passwords have been compromised (hacked) or leaked or duplicated, and how weak passwords are, based on saved passwords. By tapping on Compromise Password, you can see your passwords logged in to different websites.

It is also a message that some of the data has been leaked during the leak or you may be in trouble for the same reason in the future. In this tool of Google, along with the list, you will also get the option to change the password.

By clicking on it, you can access the leaked website and change it. There is another website besides Google that lets you know if your email data has been breached.

This means that the data breach can tell you how many times your email ID has been affected. To do so, click here and enter your email ID and press the button next to it.

This will show you when and from which website your email was affected. If your email ID is affected, protect it by changing the password. For that, don’t forget to have a strong password and two-step verification.





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