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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSMobile Money is ready, now Telecom's phone number is mobile wallet

Mobile Money is ready, now Telecom’s phone number is mobile wallet


Kathmandu. A subsidiary of Nepal Telecom has developed a mobile app required to operate mobile payment services.

The company, which is being run with the joint investment of Rastriya Banijya Bank and Telecom, is preparing to use Telecom’s mobile number as a digital wallet.

According to the Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Dilliram Adhikari, the app is scheduled to be launched by Nepal Rastra Bank on February 24.

mobile money nepal telecom
mobile money nepal telecom

“As the Nation Bank has already studied the entire system including QSSD, only the app will be viewed tomorrow,” the official said. But now the mobile app is ready. ‘

It has been mentioned that the process of permission will move forward as soon as the NRB reviews the app. Earlier, the company had submitted an application to Rashtra Bank on January 10 for a license to operate the service. On the basis of that, it has been mentioned that NRB has already conducted the necessary study on company registration, office, employees, software, network, etc.

NRB has stated that the license for mobile payment service will be issued after studying the remaining apps. After the permission, the digital payment company will start the service so that the mobile number of the telecom can be used as a digital wallet. From which they can easily pay for various goods and services.

According to the information received, the amount for mobile payment will be kept in a different account than in the form of a recharge balance. This option has been put forward to make mobile money cheaper as recharge will be taxed including telecommunication service fee.





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