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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSMillions of cards are being bought for national identity cards

Millions of cards are being bought for national identity cards


Kathmandu. The government is preparing to provide identity cards with complete information about the citizen. Accordingly, the Department of National Identity Card and Registration has so far completed the work of collecting data of 2 million citizens.

national ID front part
national ID front part

Subash Dhakal, director of the National Identity Card and Registration Department, said that the department has started the work of purchasing cards with the plan of providing cards to the citizens whose data has been collected.

According to Dhakal, the work of data collection and center system for national identity card has been completed.

“So far, data has been collected from 1.8 to 2 million citizens,” he said.

The Act states that smart cards with chips will be provided. He said, “Now you have not gone beyond the law.” So now we are looking for a company to supply cards with chips. The company will only supply the card. Similarly, the department will keep the necessary information in the card and make it available to the citizens. The department has already prepared the necessary information system.

The card will have pre-built security features. In which you have to supply the card with security features like background, UV image, optical variable image on the back of the card. Such cards have been demanded at an average of Rs 13 million.

national ID back part
national ID back part

Currently, the number of eligible Nepalis to vote is around 13 million. That is why the card number was demanded, said Dhakal.

According to Dhakal, there is no Nepali company that provides the card with the security features of the level we have demanded. However, Nepali companies will also be able to participate in it. There is a provision in this project that JV, i.e. intermediary company, is not allowed.

“It’s because of security. As it has the details of the citizen, it is sensitive from the point of view of security. One cannot give project to another, another to another. Such a provision has been made as the company will be responsible for taking it directly from the company, ‘he said.

The cost of the project is estimated to be around Rs 1 billion.





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