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Nepal Telecom’s IP TV from next Friday


Kathmandu. Nepal Telecom is preparing to formally launch an IP TV service from next Friday.

While the attraction towards IP TV has been increasing along with the internet in recent times, for the convenience and convenience of the customers, the telco has started launching IP TV service through Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

The telco is preparing to start this service from Kathmandu Valley and expand it to all 77 districts. The company had broadcast the first phase of the test last February.

Although the initial test was positive, it has been delayed due to the lockdown and clean feed policy that started with the epidemic of Covid 19.

According to Dilliram Adhikari, Managing Director of Telecom, content management for IP TV is currently underway in line with the Clean Feed policy.

Some employees of the telco are now using the free-to-air (a channel that does not charge for broadcasting) through the IP TV service, which is currently in the trial period.

The company has been aggressively expanding its FTTH (Fiber to the Home) internet service in recent times. In which the internet and landline telephone service are being provided.

The IP TV service that will be launched in the near future will also be connected to it. Recently, the company has introduced a package that provides 300 MB of data per day for free to customers who take the 20 Mbps speed FTTH package.

Currently, about 96,000 customers are connected to Telecom’s FTTH internet service.





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